TVS-e Bharat Gold Keyboard Review

If you’re in India and you are planning to buy a mechanical keyboard, then the legendary, TVS-e Bharat  Gold Mechanical Keyboard might be your only option, because even though keyboards of brands like  Corsair or Razer are available in India, they are a lot pricier than it, to an extent where it almost feels unfair.

You might also be looking into it because you want a non-nonsense, non-gamery keyboard for your office.

In this review, we’re going to find out whether you should go for it or not.

This keyboard is actually quite popular in India, you will see it in many banks, offices and other similar places.

For price of around 2300 Rs., I think this keyboard is a really great deal, and it is almost a surprise that a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX keys can be priced so low.

Be careful though, in the comments section of my YouTube video, people have told me that they are getting ‘long hua’ key switches, which is a Chinese manufacturer. Some other people who’ve bought it recently have again reported that they are still getting Cherry MX switches. So we don’t really know for sure what’s the case, either TVS-e has switched to Long hua because of price limitations, or it may have been a temporary shift, because of temporary unavailability or other issues.


Your philosophy about design would matter a lot with this keyboard, it is very basic and utilitarian, which isn’t a bad thing. Some of the best keyboards like this DAS keyboard also has a very similar key layout.

The plastic is really good, but I really hate the texture on this keyboard. I think that having a matte texture would have made this keyboard seem a LOT better.

The plastic is really strong and I think that it can withstand a lot of punishment.

The rubber feet at bottom are also very nice. The USB cable is thick and rugged, so I think that durability shouldn’t be an issue.

You can also unfold the ice feet at the bottom if you want to have the keyboard at an angle, the keys of this keyboard are arranged in almost a type-writer like way, so it even though it tilts quite a lot from the table, it feels the correct angle for it.


The typing experience of TVS-e Bharat Gold is definitely a lot better than the membrane keyboards that I have used.

The keys are very tactile and clicky, so every keypress registers very nicely in your mind.

The best feature of this keyboard (and the reason why you must be ready to spend 2300 bucks AND still make a big compromise on the design) is that it has Cherry MX blue switches. Cherry MX is the industry standard in keyboards, so if you buy a keyboard that is a lot more expensive than this one which also has Cherry MX blue switches, the typing experience is going to be more or less the same.

Keyboards with Cherry MX keys or mechanical keyboards in general last a lot longer than membrane based keyboards, so any mechanical keyboard can be a good investment.

The best thing that I have observed while using this keyboard for 4 or 5 months is that the typing experience is so nice that it makes you want to type more. So if you are a content writer or a programmer, then you will feel like doing more of the work, which is a really big deal.

And it’s it’s not just typing, even the general tasks like switching through windows by pressing Alt+Tab, and using the control commands is very nice as every keypress registers in a very nice way.

In programs like Photoshop, or Premiere Pro you will feel a big difference while using this keyboard, and if you’re a gamer, then then games like Mortal Kombat or even Super Meat Boy will be a lot easier to play, as you’ll be able to execute those combinations of keys very easily, because every keypress just registers so well in your mind that you won’t have a confusion regarding whether you have pressed the key or not.

Make sure you watch the video for sound test and comparison with membrane keyboards.

The issue with membrane keyboards is that they are rather good when you first buy them, but over the year or two, the keys feel kind of sticky and wobbly, which really ruins the typing experience.

The keycaps are not great, but I think they serve their purpose really well.

The thing I dislike the most about the keys is that the printing on the keys is not very good, and they don’t resemble a high end keyboard at all.

The keys also have this Rupee symbol if you’re into that. You just have to download a font from their website and then you can use it for typing Rupee symbol.

So… this, or a higher end mech keyboard?

So with a high end mechanical keyboard, you will get features like RGB lighting, and different cycle and breathing effects, and more importantly, better keycaps and a much better design than TVS-e Bharat Gold.

You might also get features like volume control (which makes the life SO easy) and other media keys (which I never use on my G610), or features like USB hubs which are actually very nice to have.

But I think that those features don’t add a lot to the typing experience, or the basic functioning of the keyboard. I don’t think that those features are worth spending four or five thousand (Rupees) than this keyboard.

But of course, if you have a higher budget, or you want those features, then you should definitely go for those ones.


I think that this keyboard is amazing for the price, and if you’re planning to upgrade from a membrane keyboard, then this is a great choice.

If you’re a content writer, programmer, or gamer, or even if you just use your computer a lot, then this keyboard will give you a very nice experience, and will also last a lot longer than any membrane keyboard.

The only disadvantage I can think of is the printing on the keys and very old design, but those are very minor things.

I could definitely recommend it to anyone, I think it is amazing for the price, and once you switch to mechanical keyboards, you will never want to use a membrane one.


    1. Yes. But there are users commenting on my YouTube video that they have received a newer product with Cherry MX. They may also have switched to long hua temporarily. Still it’s kind of risky to buy this keyboard at the moment. Logitech has introduced their Romer g mechs at 4k-5k price point, which is possibly the best deal in mech keyboards at the moment.

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