Why Waiting for Samsung S23 Series Will be Worth it!

The Samsung Galaxy S22, and S22 plus are available at a very good discounted price of ₹50,000 and ₹60,000, but the Galaxy S23 is also going to just launch next month, so some of you must be confused about whether you should go for the discounted deal, or get the latest version for full price.

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Over the years, the year on year improvements that we see with smartphones has become kind of non dramatic, so analysing the leaks we have for the S23 series, it’s mostly going to be in a similar form factor as the S22 series, with similar display sizes, similar screen resolutions [S23/S23 Plus: 1080 x 2340 pixels (FHD+), S23 Ultra: 1440 x 3088 pixels (QHD+)], 120Hz refresh rate, and the things that we are seeing an upgrade in are the cameras, the battery, and the processor.


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I think that the processor is going to be the biggest reason to wait for the S23, because the benchmarks for phones with the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 are already out, and this is rumoured to be the only processor available in all regions. This processor is a massive upgrade over its Gen 1 CPU that we have on the S22 series. We are seeing 36% faster CPU performance, with a massive 48% faster graphics performance, and when you combine that with the improvements in battery efficiency, the S23 models are going to be a serious upgrade over the S22 series.

One of the bigger issues I had with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 phone is that their battery life wasn’t great, but this is going to change with the newer CPU, and the slightly bigger batteries.

S23 Battery Capacity: 3900 mAh (Up from 3700 mAh),

S23 Plus Battery Capacity: 4700 mAh (Up from 4500  mAh) 


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The newer Galaxy devices will also have UFS 4.0, which is MUCH faster than the UFS 3.1 of earlier models, which can improve the loading performance by a lot, and the base variant of the S23 Plus may also start at 256 GB storage.

200 MP Camera

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There is information about us seeing a 200 MP camera on the S23 Ultra model, which should be a serious step up from the 108 MP camera we saw on the last years models, and it is rumoured to offer much better low light performance. I am not sure how much better the camera on the non ultra models is going to be, but at least the selfie camera seems to be gaining 2 extra megapixels, and we should also see improvements on the main cameras.

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We may also get to see satellite connectivity on the new phones, which will be handy in case you get stuck in an area without cellular network.

Discounted S22 a good deal?

Samsung is offering 4 years of software upgrades many of their models, including the S series lineup, so even if you go for the S22 series, you should be on the latest Android OS till 2026, so if you don’t care that much about CPU performance, and you are not very interested in GPU related tasks like gaming, then you could save 20 to 30 thousand rupees, and get a phone that is easily good enough to browse social media, and watch videos on a really awesome screen.

But if you want another year of software upgrades, much better CPU, better battery life, and nicely improved cameras, you should definitely wait till February 1st, because that is when Samsung is going to reveal the S23 series.

You can pre reserve one of these new Galaxy Phones on Samsung’s website for 1,999 Rs., and that will give you an early access to these phones, some exclusive offers, and benefits worth 5,000 Rs.

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