LoopAudio HyperLoop 1 Review : Amazing VFM Bluetooth Earphones!

So people have been asking me to review some more affordable wireless audio gear on the channel, and today we have a very fitting product for that description, it is from a new brand that I had not heard of before, but after reading the feedback that they received and understanding their philosophy behind designing audio products, this earphone seemed very promising, and it is actually surprisingly capable in most areas.

In the box, in addition to a reminder that they are an Indian company, you get a good quality hard carrying case, some stickers which you can stick at different places, the earphones themselves, a micro USB cable for charging, and extra eartips and wingtips for the earphones.


The design of HyperLoop 1 is pretty decent, the earbuds are made of metal, and feel well built, you have a 3 button control for power, volume, and changing tracks, and the buttons are tactile and separated so you can easily press the right one without looking. they have a clip that you can use to secure them on your body, and they also attach to each other magnetically, which makes it very convenient you use. You can also adjust the length of the wire with a length adjuster.

The noise isolation on these is really great, I go to a gym where they play music very loudly, and these block that really well, and another great thing about these is that you can crank the volume up really high, higher than what you get typically with wireless audio products, so when I am listening to podcasts which sometimes have lower volume, I can just crank the volume up and coupled with the great noise isolation, these are just perfect for the gym, and I use these personally at the gym because of this reason, even after having gear that costs much more than this. They also stay in your ears, no matter what you are doing.


Now these were not very comfortable for me initially, because of the design of the wingtip which touched my ear in the wrong places, but then I just switched the left and right wingtips with each other, and after that it has been quite comfortable for me, and it also stays in the ear even in this position and I did all that gym and karate stuff with the wingtips in this position, so it’s not going to make them fall off from your ears, so even though most people don’t seem to need switching the wingtips, if you don’t find it comfortable, you can do that and fix it.


These also have a water resistance rating of IPX7, so you can basically immerse these in water without worries, unless you go deeper than 1 meter for more than 30 minutes.

[Watch video for Mic tests]


These don’t support AptX codec, but they do have a Qualcomm chipset, so you don’t have to worry about wireless audio transmission and quality not being good enough for the drivers we have here.

Now finally coming to the sound quality, I have to say that I was really not expecting a 3000 Rs. wireless earphone to sound this good.

The detail in the mid range and high frequencies really surprised me, especially because you usually don’t get this level of detail and refinement in this price segment.

You can try listening to Infected Mushrooms Walking On The Moon, which was one of the tracks I used to test these, and the bass was really great, and the detail in high frequencies was also amazing.

Coming to bass, it is also good for the price, it’s not very tight, but it does hit hard, it is tuned slightly above neutral, so the bassheads are not going to be disappointed, and if you are an audiophile who likes a more refined sound, you’ll also not find the bass to be ‘distastefully exaggerated’ like cheap earphones.

If you read my other reviews, you’ll see that I often suggest equalizer settings for different products, but I think that they’ve really hit the perfect balance with a slightly v shaped sound signature for the buyers in this segment, and I don’t feel the need to use an equalizer to get the best sound out of these, which is really great.

The soundstage on these is pretty average, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Battery life was also really great in my tests, and the advertised 12 hours play time is also pretty accurate, which is so nice to have as wireless earphones generally have around 6 to 8 hours of battery life.


So in conclusion, I can say that at a price point of slightly more than 3000 Rs., these are outstanding. The build, comfort, isolation are great, the battery life is exceptional, and the sound quality and balance is something that I really don’t think you can find in this segment. So I can really give these a huge recommendation, and it is really great to see that people who can’t spend a lot on an earphone can not only get a good quality sound with these, but also have an earphone that can perform well overall.

This is the first product that I have tried from LoopAudio, and if they are able to deliver similar levels of quality and value in their other products, I think that they will become a serious competitor in the market.

Buy on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2T5Uy34

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