Blitzwolf BW-FYE5 Review: Surprisingly Great True Wireless Earphones!

Blitzwolf BW-FYE5 have surprised me with how well they perform for their price tag, these are really great for anyone looking to explore the True Wireless experience.


The design of these earphones is pretty good, looking at the product images, I didn’t think that these will be so compact, which is actually pretty great. The size of the earbuds themselves is also small, and they are very light too.


The comfort on these is pretty good. They fit in my ears perfectly, and you also get some different sizes of ear tips along with a charging cable in the box. The shape is actually really good, and because of how well they fit in my ears, they also block a lot of outside noise.

So I also used them at the gym, and they are really great for that purpose, especially because you don’t have wires hanging on you while you’re exercising. They also don’t fall out of the ears, and I have tried really hard to make them fall off, but couldn’t succeed.


To turn these on you just have to take them out of their case, and they will power on automatically, and will also connect to your phone within seconds, and by the time you put these in your ears, these will already be connected to the phone and to each other. And when you’re done using them, you can just put these back into their case, and these will power off and will start charging. This is really amazing to see in a true wireless earphone in this price range. It basically makes them work like Apple airpods, without needing expensive technology. You can of course also turn them on or off using buttons if you need to for some reason.

You can play, pause, and change tracks, answer or reject calls using the single button on these earphones, and if you press it thrice, you can also launch Google Assistant or Siri, which is really cool.

Another really great thing about these is that they are not using a master slave configuration, which means that you can use either the right or the left earbud if you just want to use one of them, which is really great because you generally don’t get this feature in affordable true wireless earphones.

They are also really great for making calls, it’s just surprising how clear the microphone sounds even when it’s in your ear. [Watch Video for Microphone Test]


Now these come in at around 3500 Indian Rupees or about 45 US dollars on Banggood, and if someone told me that they would have all of the features I mentioned at this price point, I would have assumed that the sound quality would not be that great.

But that was not the case. They sound really great for a true wireless earphone at this price point. The bass is good, it goes deep, and it is a little boosted, but not in a bad way.

The mids are fine too, and they are also really great to watch movies, and videos with dialogues.

But coming too the highs, they are tuned a little too high, and in tracks where you have high pitched sounds, it can sound sibilant. So if you use my EQ settings and reduce the highs by about 3 dB, you won’t face these issues, but these sound good without the using the equalizer too, in most tracks.

The soundstage is on the narrow side, but that’s true even for the non true wireless earphone in this price range.


The battery life is about 2.5 hours for the earbuds, but you can charge these around 3 times with the case, and I think most people will not exceed the 2.5 hour limit in a single session, so I also consider the total 7 to 8 hour battery life to be decent. Because of the translucency of the case, you can actually see the LEDs through the case, and see if the earbuds have charged, and how much charge is left in the case, which takes 2 hours to charge.

I got these from, and these were delivered directly at home without any obstacles in the way. And Banggood also has Cash on Delivery on their website, so you can order with confidence.


So in conclusion, I am surprised at the fact that a good sounding true wireless solution in this price range can work so well. There’s really nothing bad to say about this product, except slightly sibilant highs at higher volumes, but that can also be fixed with equalizer if you find them to be problematic.

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  1. I’m from Mumbai. I was going through this series from E1 to the latest E7. I’m a bit confused whether to go for this one or for other versions. I also wear specs so according to that i need to have that comfortable grip. Also i saw this has a small earbud compared to E7 which are big to some extent.
    Can someone please suggest whether should i really go for this product or any other product..?

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