DeepCool RGB 350 Color LED Lighting Kit Review

2017 could almost make you believe that a computer does not function properly without RGB LEDs.

One of the more branded AND affordable choices on the market, the DeepCool RGB 350 Color LED is a very good set of LED strips, and it comes at a very good price point too.

On the box we have its features mentioned. And on the back we can see the guide for using the remote control, along with the basic diagram of the setup.

Inside the box, we get two RGB LED strips which are 30cm in length. Then we have the main controller and power supply of these strips. This controller has 3 wires on one side, one of which is the receiver, and the other two are different connectors for LED Strips, one with the extension, and the other without it.

Then we have the molex adapter, which will supply power to the controller. An extension for one of the LED Strips, and then Deepcool has also provided some zipties for easy installation. And then finally we have the remote which we’ll use to control everything.


[Please watch the video review embedded above or on my YouTube channel, as installation isn’t easy to show in this textual article, still here are some images for you]


I have to say that I am quite happy with the result. If I didn’t have to record the installation, it would’ve taken only around 5 minutes, which is really great. So with the remote you can obviously select different colors, although, you are limited to the 16 colors on the remote instead of 16 million colors you’d get on more expensive strips. You also have the option of selecting 4 different cycling patterns, 2 of them being a hard switch between 3 or 7 colors. And a breathing switch between 3 or 7 colors. You can control the brightness of the still colors, and in the cycle modes the brightness buttons become the speed buttons, so you can select between different cycle speeds.

It does remember the settings, so if you turn your PC back on, after turning it off, it will remember what you set it to, which is good.

One thing that really disappointed me is that you cannot select breathe mode for a single color. I was really expecting for this to have that basic functionality, but its either a full rainbow party, or a single color stillness, and lastly, the white color has a greenish blue tint to it. But I think that many RGB systems have problems in projecting the whites correctly.

Also, there aren’t any heat issues, if anyone’s concerned about that.

So in conclusion, I’d say that these RGB strips are very good value. The magnetic installation and 5 minute setup is really great, and I think anyone can install it. You could certainly go for cheaper LED strips, but the low quality ones can be risky for your PSU, or potentially your PC, so you should definitely go for a good quality one like this.

The only basic feature these lack is breathing effect of a single color, but other than that, these are excellent choice for anyone and I can easily recommend them for the first time buyers.

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