Zoook Upbeat Sports Bluetooth Earphones Review!

We are going to take a look at Zoook Upbeat Wireless earphones today, which really surprised me with how well they work in the sub 1000 rs. Price segment.

In the box, you get some extra eartips, a micro usb cable for charging, an instruction manual, and the earphones themselves.


The design of Zoook Upbeat is pretty simple but effective. You don’t have any neckband with this, which I really like, and all the electronics are included with this small piece which also contains all the buttons and the micro USB charging port, and as you also have the battery in this, the earbuds are also very small and light.

These also attach magnetically to each other, which is a feature that most earphones have these days, but it’s still great to see an earphone that has it in budget segment.

The center button is used for power and for playing and pausing, but one unconventional thing about these earphones is that the buttons on side will switch between previous and next track with a single press and then to control volume you have to keep them pressed. A little different from everything else on market, and while the buttons are big, they require some force to be pressed, but it still works well.


They fit really well in my ears, in fact these are one of the best fitting earphones that I have tried regardless of the price, the earbuds are small and light, so they are also very comfortable to wear for hours.

Zoook mentions that these earphones support Bluetooth 5.0, which is really great to see.

The sound isolation on these is also very good as they fit very snugly inside, it blocks a lot of outside noise, and the wingtips on these work extremely well, and it really keeps these earphones in your ears while you are exercising so they are really great for using at gym.

[Watch Video for Microphone Test]


Coming to the sound quality, it is good for the price, especially considering how good this earphone is in other areas, but they have also tried to appeal to the type of consumers you will find in this price range.

They mention that these earphones have extreme bass on the box, so it isn’t a surprise that the bass is boosted by around 7 decibels, and the bass is going to overpower other frequencies.

But overall it’s not bad, and you can make it sound more balanced if you use these equalizer settings. They sound pretty good with the settings mentioned above, as the drivers they have inside do have potential.

Other than the boosted bass, the sound quality is decent, there isn’t a lot of detail in the sound, but it still doesn’t sound muffled, and it would be unfair to expect it to sound better than it already does for its price. A wireless earphone has to have the bluetooth receiver chip, DAC chip, microphone and battery along with the driver, so getting something that sounds as good as these for less than 1000 rs. is pretty great.

Battery life is going to be up to 5 hours depending how loud you play them, which is decent given that the overall form factor of these is quite small.


So overall, I think that the Zoook Upbeat are a really great choice in this price range, the design, build quality, functionality, and features are really great, the fit and comfort is as good as I need it to be for any price point, the microphone works well, and if you use an equalizer, you can also get pretty good sound out of these.

Buy Zoook Upbeat on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2RQZkiW

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