Mivi Collar Classic Review: Best Ultra-Budget Neckband Wireless Earphone!


1000 Rs. of a wireless neckband earphone is a very risky price point, because beyond a certain point, cost cutting can result in serious compromises, but Mivi is a brand that has delivered some very good value products, so let’s check out if their new Collar Classic Neckband earphone is worthy of a purchase, and we’ll also compare it to some of its competitors.


The design of the Collar Classic is pretty decent, but its build does have a very budget feeling to it.

It does feel pretty strong, and actually more durable than some more expensive options,

even though its plastic does feel a little cheap, but the earphone housing does have a metal cover, which is great for the price.

You can use the buttons on the neckband to play/pause, control volume, change tracks, and call Google Assistant, but these buttons are not easy to press, and they have to be pressed in a specific way otherwise they may not get activated. Along with Bluetooth 5.0, it also supports multipoint connection, so you can connect 2 devices to it at the same time.


The size of Collar Classic is larger and bulkier than other neckbands, so you do feel it hanging around your neck, but it’s not as heavy as it looks, it curves nicely around your neck, the earphones also fit well in your ears, so these are also comfortable, like most neckband earphones I’ve used.


The earbuds on these also attach to each other magnetically and even though the magnetic attachment isn’t as strong as other earphones it works well enough

The reason for their larger size is partly due to their bigger battery, which delivers around 24 hours of playback on a single charge, and they also have a quick charging feature, so that’s really nice, and not just for their price point.

We also have an IPX5 water resistance rating on it, so it is sweatproof, and can handle splashes of water.



Sound Quality

Finally coming to their sound quality, it is actually really nice. I wasn’t expecting it to be so decent at this price point, I have tried some other 1000 rs. Neckbands before, but they had some serious issues with their frequency response, but the Mivi Collar Classic is pretty disciplined in this area.

It does have a moderately V shaped sound signature, so the bass is a little boosted, but it’s not overdone, and it can sound quite fun. Listening to electronic music on this is pretty enjoyable.

The treble is also boosted, but it still doesn’t feel harsh, which is really great to see at this price point. The collar classic does sound punchy without sounding cheap, and the detail level on it is also pretty good for the price.

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The mids on these are a little recessed, and there’s some upper mids boost, but you can use these equalizer settings to make the overall sound more balanced, and bring the focus back to the mids.

I am getting quite technical here for a 1000 Rs. neckband earphone, but overall it sounds pretty good for its price, there aren’t any major compromises, and even their soundstage is as good as the more expensive neckbands.

Now to compare it with the more expensive options, the Oppo Enco M31 is the best neckband under 2000 Rs., and at 1800 Rs., it is better than the Collar Classic in most ways, but it is also 80% more expensive, so that is not a surprise.

But compared to the Boat Rockerz 255 Pro+ Max Ultra Double Diamond Ultimate, which is priced 40% higher at 1400 Rs the Mivi Collar Classic actually has a more balanced sound signature, and in comparison the Boat earphone just has an overwhelming level of bass, and vocals on the Boat also don’t sound as smooth as the Mivi Collar.


So with all that in mind, the Mivi Collar Classic is a really great option at just 1000 Rs., I really didn’t expect such a mature approach to sound at this price point, and the only negative about it is that the buttons on it are a little difficult to press.

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⭐ Buy Mivi Collar Classic: http://fkrt.it/VzPSkRuuuN

⭐ Buy Oppo Enco M31: https://amzn.to/2ZXeAyT

⭐ Buy Boat Rockerz 255 Pro plus: https://amzn.to/3dqpXGq

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